Antoine Lehurt

CDK pattern – Caching static assets with AWS S3 and CloudFront

30 July, 2021

AWS CloudFront Functions

14 May, 2021

API Gateway-first approach

25 February, 2021

Speed up your CircleCI pipeline by using the RAM disk

21 January, 2021

Write more, but shorter

17 January, 2021

Roam is my space for organized chaos

02 January, 2021

CDK pattern – API Gateway caching

05 June, 2020

Tools to work with accessibility on the Web

08 January, 2020

Decibel: Acast’s design system

11 December, 2019

How to keep small PRs

14 July, 2019

Why I use React Testing Library instead of Enzyme

14 June, 2019

React Hooks by example: useState, useCallback, useEffect, useReducer

07 June, 2019

Continuous deployment of a Phoenix project using GitLab CI/CD

02 June, 2019

Writing a meaningful commit message

16 November, 2018

VSCode as a Vim editor

08 September, 2018

How to create declaration files for JavaScript dependencies in TypeScript

15 August, 2018

Refactoring a Redux application using redux-actions

04 July, 2018

ESLint and Prettier for a better team collaboration

29 May, 2018

How to test promises with Mocha

28 April, 2016

Tools to keep a consistent coding style in JavaScript

09 March, 2015

npm as a front-end package manager

19 May, 2014

Build a Web app with component(1)

17 February, 2014

From Sublime Text to Vim

05 February, 2014

Written by Antoine Lehurt (a.k.a kewah). Senior front-end engineer living in Stockholm and currently working at Acast.